i know ive said it but CS4 is still an enemy and hard to get used to

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Nov 24, 2008
when i click on an image on the desktop i want the image to open with tools and palettes. NOT this grey backdrop! and if i want to flip the interface in windowshade i find it doesnt respond the cursor stays the same and doesnt react unless i click around a lot of areas. dont want the entire pshop interface opening up blocking everything else on my desktop@ this is god damn awful!
is there a workaround to just having the image open with the tools/palettes ala CS3? why this big gray background and having to go thru all my open docs to click on the tab to get to the photo. The new CS4 buries everything.
I find i have to click on several areas to flip windowshade into action to get rid of the image but not close pshop. This is really bad! all i want is the floating image tools and the palettes. and of course all the new features!!!!!! just want to know if im doing something wrong. if i have one image of which i want to clone a part of it to another image im so used to ridding the first image after selecting and having my desktop visible not this grey backdrop. WHy did adobe do this???? dont yell at me. Its hard enough. I think it stinks. I really really do
but i love the other features.
not expecting rubbing it in responses

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Nov 24, 2008
just want to know if im doing something wrong.

RTFM and learn how to use CS4…EVERYTHING you complain about above can be modified in references. Seriously, you, the user are expected to do SOMETHING to help yourself.
Nov 24, 2008
I think you are looking at something quite new with old eyes, I mean you have to take another look and look at CS 4 in a different way.
Nov 24, 2008

I recommended Ben Willmore’s concise book to you already:

Ramón G Castañeda, "CS4 too steep a learning curve and what a dilemma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" #3, 14 Nov 2008 5:46 pm </webx?14/2>
Dec 1, 2008
Goto the Window menu and uncheck Application Frame. Then you’ll be able to see through to your desktop.

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