Save as EPS – Include Vector Data – Printing problems

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Sep 18, 2008
Hey everyone

I’m having an issue with PDFs that I send to a specific newspaper and only them. The problem only occurs in the vector data that is saved in the EPS to be distilled.

Here’s an overview of my workflow
* Build ad in Photoshop CS3
* Save EPS with Preview:Macintosh(8Bits);Encoding: ASCII85; Include Vector Data; all other options not checked
* Distill EPS to Press Quality PDF
* Send to newspaper

The problem looks like their RIP is choking on the vector data (primarily text) in the ad. It appears to start to print the text and then just stops or prints a bunch of garbage where the text should be.

I have their in-house Distiller settings and use those now instead of Press Quality. This should rule out any problems with the Distiller settings.

I send dozens of PDFs a week to multiple publications and only have trouble with this one. Is it possible that the "Preview" and/or "Encoding" in the EPS is the problem? Any suggestions what the bare bones settings should be for "Preview" and "Encoding" for the EPS? I want to keep the Vector Data b/c the outputted text remains crisp.


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Sep 18, 2008
Distilling EPS files is a bad workflow just save a PDF from Photoshop.
Sep 18, 2008
I want to keep the Vector Data b/c the outputted text remains crisp.

Doubt that on newsprint.
Sep 18, 2008
If I save the PDF straight from Photoshop the PDFs tend to be 3-4 times larger in file size. Eg, the same file, using the same PDF settings is 1.7MB through Distiller and 6.3MB straight from PS. Why is Distiller a bad workflow?

Maybe you ought to give it a shot. PDFs with vector data can print crisp…at least a whole lot better than rasterizing everything and then generating a PDF. Of course that is relatively speaking b/c newsprint generally sucks. Unfortunately I can’t change the fact that my clients run ads in newsprint.
Sep 18, 2008
Yes – I shoot myself in the head all day long.
Sep 18, 2008
I agree with Mike.

A lot of newspapers are not making a lot of profit and, as a result, may not have up-to-date RIPs. This is demonstrated by your statement that this is the only publication you have problems with.

If your only concern is file size, know that either way, you’re dealing with small files. Try the direct-from-Photoshop route with the paper and see what happens. Get the production guru at the paper to work with you on solving the problem.

Also, what happens if you Distill the file as an industry-standard PDF/X-1a file. If you see that the file is compliant, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Sep 18, 2008
OK. I spoke with the publication an apparently they have narrowed it down to a script/PDF generator on their end. So they place my (or any advertiser’s) ads in their layout and then run the script that generates their impositioned PDF for the press. They don’t know why my PDF seems to choke their script but I’ll post an update if I learn anything.

Thanks for the help
Sep 18, 2008
What imposition software and or RIP is it?


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