Image scales with pixels, but Action uses percent !!

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Dec 20, 2006
Not sure if this is a bug or not, but would love someone to help me find a solution!

When recording an Action I go to Transform > Scale and then right click in the H: box (height box at the top) to make sure the units are in pixels and not percent. I then reduce the value of the pixels to 1250px and stop recording.

What I get is the desired result. However if I play the action back on one of my other images the end result is the wrong size (i.e. it does not scale to 1250px). On closer inspection (by looking at the actual Action) it looks like the action has actually scaled the height using a percentage and not by using the selected pixels!!

This seems very strange, particularly when I have a specific need to have every image reduced in a batch to a specific pixel height.

Can anyone replicate this, give me a solution or comfirm if it is a bug? Be great if you could!!


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Dec 20, 2006
I didn’t try it, but I would advise changing your over all units to pixels in Preferences and then re-recording the action. I think if you do that and then change your Units back to whatever they were, it should still work.

Worth a shot anyway.

If that doesn’t work maybe a different approach is needed. Will Image Size not do the trick?
Dec 20, 2006
Hi Mark,

The scale option uses Percent regardless of what the units are set to.

Even if you use a pixel number, photoshop converts this to a percentage. That’s why you see the action using percent rather than pixel count. The only way round this that I have found is to use a script to set the image size as a variable and then convert the new pixels size to a percentage of the original image size.

Bye for now

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