Patterns uses lots of ram problem .!!!

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Jul 28, 2006
Hi , I have photoshop cs2 , and I notice that for every pattern I add to photoshop, it increases in 30MB the memory it uses, I notice because the other day I added 10 patterns and photoshop started to run slow, so I deleted the patterns and photoshop released 300MB of ram, I added again and it went back to use 300MB of ram , then I deleted all the patterns and photoshop released 500MB of ram :/, I rebooted I added 4 different patterns and photoshop increased the ram usage in 150MB :/ , I though it was my copy of photoshop, but now where I work I see that I have the same problem, so is not my photoshop installation, is it normal that photoshop uses 30MB+ for each pattern that I add?

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Jul 28, 2006
is it normal that photoshop uses 30MB+ for each pattern that I add?

Have a look at this article for a full explanation: <>
Jul 28, 2006
yeah I read that , but then is normal? .. but this doesnt happen with styles or brushes .. only with patterns .. still I think is a problem cause photoshop gets really slow when I add patterns 🙁 . So if I add like 50 patterns .. I will need like 2GB extra ram :/.
Aug 1, 2006
Patterns really don’t use more RAM – just more scratch disk space.
Aug 1, 2006
Yes, but it would be pretty big tiles if they use 30MB, no?

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