Help please: extremely wierd problem with keyboard input in CS2.

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Nov 2, 2005

I have an extremely wierd problem with CS2 that I’ve never seen before in many months of using it. I’ve recently clean-installed all my apps on my P4 PC, and this has only happened since then. The most frustating part is that it’s so intermittent. Let me explain:

Photoshop works perfectly. It’s fast, doesn’t crash, multitasks. Recently though I’ve had a problem with keyboard input in Photoshop (and only in Photoshop). It doesn’t only affect keyboard shotcuts, but also any other input (such as Save and Save As dialogs). For example, I’ll select Save As, try input a filename – for argument’s sake ‘Test.psd’ – and what I get is completely garbled, like ‘>o\P’. It’s as if I have a strange character set selected, or the keyboard layout is messed up. It’s as if keys have been substituted…so if I want to enter "W" I get "O", then if I hot "O" I get "W".

This problem also affects keyboard shortcuts, so if I choose "CTRL+T" for example, to initiate a transform, Photoshop will do something totally different, like change the color from RGB to CMYK.

I have absolutely no idea what’s happening. If I select the tools I want from the menu, they work fine. Also, if I go to any other running app (Word, Explorer etc.) they all work 100% with the correct keyboard inputs (so it’s nopt a general Windows problem). It seems that only Photoshop has this problem. Also, it comes and goes – I can be working on one image, and text input/shortcuts work fine. Then 2 minutes later the problem’s back! If I close and restart Photoshop it works fine, for a while, then corrupts again.

This has to be the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in more than 15 years of computing. If anyone has any suggestions (short of a complete preferences file purge and reinstall, which I’ll try next), please let me know.

Much appreciated!

Nov 3, 2005
Have you checked your keyboard settings in Control Panel?
Nov 3, 2005

Yes I have, all seems normal. As mentioned it only happens in Photoshop, and only intermittently. Even while it’s happening in Photoshop I can switch to a different app and the keyboard is 100%. That’s what’s so stragnge about it.

Nov 3, 2005
Try deleting you Prefs as per the Forum FAQs

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