can’t merge blended layers

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Jul 11, 2004
I’m working with a 1200 ppi file, an8 X 10 image of mostly water. Very bright, very saturated and sparkly, with few adjacent pixels of the same color. I have been slowly altering this image by blending layers in different ways.

Yesterday, suddenly, photoshop suddenly stopping blending the layers properly. What happens is that i turn on a blending option, for instance hard mix which i have been using because the colors get so totally bright. But whenever I try to merge the two layers, the result is the upper layer as it appeared before i blended it. I must have tried this ten times. Then the same thing started happening when i tried to replace colors, setting the saturation slider all the way to the left. I get it to look a certain way on screen, then click OK, and the screen refreshes to the look I got before i replaced colors.

I don’t know what i could have done to make this start happening. I’m wondering if maybe the file itself has somehow been corrupted, or whether the photoshop preferences need to be trashed. any help is appreciated.

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Jul 11, 2004
Try this:
Make sure that all the Layers that you want to use are visible.

Make a new Layer at the top of your layer-stack.
Select the new layer and
hit Cmd. Option Shift E
to merge visible layers upwards into the new layer.

And do be sure to view at 100% size so that you are not looking at an interpolated image.
Jul 11, 2004
Try: make a layer above the ones you want merged and link the layers Hold down Option and choose Merge Linked. That will merge them to the new layer while leaving the originals alone. Then you can trash the originals.

Also, note that at different magnifications the blended layers may look different so look at them at 100%.
Jul 11, 2004
Ann types faster than I do.
Jul 11, 2004
I don’t think so! I just started running before the Starter’s gun went off.

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