Effects on layers change when layers are merged! PhotoShop7

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Oct 3, 2003
I am using Photoshop 7.0, on Windows XP and I have about four or five layers that I need to merge together. Each layer has a different layer style(outer bevel, gradient overlay, inner shadow, stroke etc.) When I merge these layers together the final product changes, giving me an effect that I do not want. It seems that the layer styles are not being handled well in the merging process. Is there anyway around this problem. I have tried breaking the layer style appart using the create layers option under the Layers menu but strange changes still occur. Any idea on what’s happening and how I could fix this. 🙂

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Oct 3, 2003
Best workaround I can suggest is to create an empty layer above each layer with a style and merge it down to the styled layer. This makes the layer effects permanent, so that when you then merge different styles, they don’t conflict with each other.

Another option is to create a new layer at the top of everything else, then hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E which will then merge ALL visible layers together and place the image in the new blank layer. This preserves all the work on each layer you did.
Oct 3, 2003

Make sure that you are evaluating the image at 100% magnification. Any other mag is an approximation of the image.

Do your merge and then go to 100%. Use the history pallet to toggle back and forth to prove to yourself that there IS or is NOT a difference.
Oct 3, 2003
Merge it layer by layer. It also depends on the layer mode. start at top.
Oct 3, 2003
It shouldn’t be any different at all, if you’re viewing at 100%, regardless of layer type or mode.

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