Weird Cyan Highlights Problem

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May 27, 2005
This is kind of hard to explain, but I’ll do my best. Maybe somebody has come across this before…

I have a subject shot on white seamless that I’m manipulating in PS (any version causes this problem), and I start by setting a white point to correct the camera RAW file. Fine.

I then apply a Diffuse Glow to this layer, and create a new layer beneath that filled with white. I’m trying to achieve a white BG, here, and after erasing away areas of grey to reveal a white layer below, I end up with this cyan cast in the areas of transparency overlaying the white solid fill layer. I’ve tried Hue/Saturation, and Selective Color, and even the desaturate sponge, but nothing gets rid of this cyan cast. It drives me nuts. I can make a selection of this area, but I can’t clean up this cyan.

Alternatively, if I create a layer ABOVE the subject layer, and blow in some white carefully with the airbrush tool, I still seem to get this cyan cast.

You can even measure this cyan cast in the Info palette. It’s there, I’m not imagining it.

Any clues? Why does this happen? It sticks out bad because it’s in a neutral area of the image, where I’m feather out a shadow to white.

The original camera file has a red cast to it, since the Flash WB setting is too warm to begin with – I could have created a custom WB, but that’s another story. I’m wondering if there’s some connection between correcting out the red and ending up with this cyan cast – since they’re opposite on the color wheel.


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