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Mary Leek
Sep 25, 2003
I’m new to Photoshop Elements 2. How do I de screen a scan of a newspaper photo. It is a photo of a deceased relative, taken from the published obituary. In my old PSP, there was a filter called descreen that took care of things very nicely. Does PS Elements 2 have something that would work in a similiar fashion.

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Sep 25, 2003
Elements is not a scanning software, so you’ll have to rely on the software with your scanner. You don’t say what kind of scanner/software you’re now using, but almost all of them include the Descreen filter. Many can be accessed from Elements through the Import menu, but you’ll notice doing that merely opens the scanning software and then opens the scan automatically in Elements after the machine has created the new image.
W Bobrowski
Sep 26, 2003
If you have access to the now defunct Adobe PhotoDeluxe, either v3 or v4, you will find an excellent descreening tool (Get & Fix Photo | Repair Photo | Remove Noise | Moire tab). Can’t imagine why this wasn’t built into PSE. The proper technique is to apply a fast fourier transform (FFT) and not simply blur the image which will blur your fine detail.

Best regards,
Sep 26, 2003

Where have you been? Haven’t seen you around much lately.

W Bobrowski
Sep 26, 2003
Hey Bob! Actually I’ve been ‘lurking’ again! By the time I get around to checking out the posts, there are many good folks helping out already so I don’t find a need to add anything else. But then once in a while I find a new post that usually sparks a personal interest, like moire removal, that are relatively new. Also, I’ve been helping folks with PhotoDeluxe still (and encouraging them to move along to another program, like PSE, –and to move to an image manager, like PS album– though I STILL use PD, along with PSE and PS,depending on what my needs are). No one program does it all! <LOL>


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