how to cut diagonal edges of pictures

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Jul 19, 2003
How can I cut a pictures edge/corner diagonally and place the picture e.g. into corel draw without the white area where the former edge was? The cutting tool only works as a square/rectangle and in order to cut off an edge I twist the picture then use the cutting tool and retwist the picture. But there is always the white surface where the part that was cut was situated formely. It would help to know how to cut a picture in a way as with the cutting tool but cutting e.g. with a jagged border or taking out round parts of the picture and place them into e.g. corel draw.

Thank you your help

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Don McCahill
Jul 19, 2003
I don’t know Corel Draw, but you are going to have to use a format where tranparency is allowed. GIF is one, as is PNG, but I suspect that TIFF is the best choice, if Corel supports its transparency.

You need to work in Photoshop, with an image that has transparency (if it is deleting to white, then rename the layer called background something else). Then you can delete information and get transparency.
barry gray
Jul 19, 2003
Clipping paths should cover it. Start with "help" in top tool bar > "export transparency"
Jul 19, 2003
select the white part and use the background eraser to remove the white?
Jerry Jensen
Jul 21, 2003
Rotate the canvas 45 degrees, use the cutting tool, cut and paste into another window (with transparency), rotate it -45 degrees and presto….

Be sure to save the image in the right format for transparency.

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