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A Kirk
Jul 13, 2003
I’m going to have a little fun with a co-worker, and do a composite with their head on someone else’s shoulders.

The skin color is different, and I want to match it.

I think that the red-eye brush has been used for this, but could someone suggest a technique for doing this sort of thing? I’ve not done enough of it yet and rather than slog through it (I’m in a pinch for time), your help would get me on the right track.



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Jul 13, 2003

Select the red-eye brush. In the options bar, there will be a box labeled "Replacement". Click that and you’ll get the color picker. Move the cursor over the image that contains the color you want to match and an eye-dropper will appear. Select the color you want to end up with using the eye-dropper and the color will appear in the color picker. Click ok to keep it.

Now, set the Sampling drop down on the options bar to "first click" and then move the cursor over the image where you want to change the color. Click and hold the mouse button and paint over the image. Then release the mouse button when finished painting. Only the specific color the cursor was over when you clicked will change so you will need to move to any other shades that need replacement and do the same thing. You may wish to resample the replacement color as well. The replacement is done using color mode so mid tones work best, it won’t replace with white or black. This is one reason many people don’t like the results when used for the intended purpose of fixing red-eye.


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