Bending a shape in three dimensions

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Feb 18, 2004
Hi, I’m trying to bend a vector shape tile that I made. I want to make it appear as though the inside of a dome wall is tiled, and I need to bend the images in order to simulate that. Can anyone help me figure out how to bend images in 3d with photoshop 7???

Thanks a lot.


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Feb 18, 2004
It CAN be done, but it’ll be a lot of work.
You’d basically have to create a 2 dimensional illustration of the inside of the dome, and then place each tile "inside" the dome image shape, using the free transform, and possibly the Liquify fiter to warp each tile to match your dome image.
Since you’re talking vector shape, it would probably be even more work to adjust all those Bezier curves, but you could then resize it. Problem is, Photoshop isn’t meant to work that well with vectors, you’d need illustrator.
Feb 18, 2004
PhotoShop is a lousy tool for bending things. Illustrator, on the other hand, is awesome at the task. Illustrator will read a layered PSD file, so take your file in as a layered file, and use Object/Envelope Distort, and bend to your heart’s content. I hope you have Illustrator, or you’ve got a hard job in front of you. Your only other option is to use a 3D program, and you image as a texture map. I’ve done that too.

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