Adobe photoshop cs2 cannot open the multiprocessor module

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Jan 5, 2007
I installed Adobe Photoshop CS2, and I got the following error: "Adobe photoshop cs2 cannot open the multiprocessor module."

The hardware that I am using is: Dell Precision 690 dual core processor.

Any ideas in how to solve that error?


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Jan 6, 2007
Do you have an earlier version on the same machine, such as CS? If so, this could be caused if you either (a) copied all of your plugins from the earlier version to the CS2 plugins directory, or (b) have CS2 set to use the CS plugins directory as its additional plugins directory. In either case, CS2 is trying to open the CS multiprocessor module, which is not designed to work with CS2.

If you have situation (b), the answer is simple, just delete your preferences file in accordance with the FAQ, which will get rid of the additional plugins directory setting so you can open Photoshop, copy the third-party plugins, but not the ones that are part of CS to a new directory you create to hold additional plugins (e.g., My Documents\My Plugins), start Photoshop, and set your preferences to use the new directory as your additional plugins directory.

If you have situation (a), you will need to remove the offending CS plugins from your CS2 plugins directory and do a repair reinstall to ensure you have the proper plugins; I would also recommend moving your third-party plugins to a new directory and using this as your additional plugins directory.

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