Can you fill text with a seamless bmp file?

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Dec 27, 2006
Posted this question earlier, but wasn’t really clear on it. Hopefully, this clears it up.

I want to fill some text with a full color seamless tile I have in the form of a bmp file. I would LOVE to be able to do this with layer styles if possible.

I’ve read up on .pat files a bit. The help section describes how to use the pattern maker filter, but when I try to use that on the bmp I want to use, it generates something from it. It does not leave it intact. It’s seamless already, I don’t need to MAKE a seamless pattern from it.

I’m stumped on this one. There MUST be an easy way to fill some text using a seamless bmp file.

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Dec 27, 2006
Open your seamless bitmap, select all and Edit>Define Pattern… give it a name

Set your type.

Above the type layer make a new layer and Edit>fill>Pattern… use your pattern.

Option-click the line between the two layers in the layers palette.
Dec 27, 2006
Option-click the line between the two layers in the layers palette.

That’s ALT-Click on this side of the fence.
Dec 27, 2006
Thanks John!

Using the define pattern saved the bmp into the patterns folder. I’m now able to call it up as a pattern overlay in a layer style. PERFECT!

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