How to get Photoshop CS2 Recognize 3 or more Gigs of RAM

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Oct 12, 2005
I have been running CS2 with 2gigs of ram for many months with no problems. However today I purchased and installed 4 Gigs (4 chips
type 400). My computer recognizes the 4 gigs as total physical memory but says only 2.9 is available. OS is XP Professional. PS2 only recognizes 2 and can use a little more than 50%

I have read all of the replies to this question but am still a little unsure of the route to go.

What I intended to do is to go to microsoft and get the the 64 bit version of XP Pro – if they will allow it. Perhaps I could run two separate OS’s since I have the room – 4 hard drives (C:\ is 160 Gig’s – 1 hard drive 80 gigs for PS scratch disk, 1 80 gigs for image files and another 250 gigs for arc hiving and system imaging?

From what I have read this should get me total of 4 gigs usable ram and 3 for CS2. I would be happy if this could be done.

Most of my other equipment (printers and scanner) are relatively new so hopefully just 1 64bit Os would do?

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Oct 12, 2005
XP Pro should see 3 gigs. (My computer / Properties / General Tab. You should see 3 gigs). As far as I know, XP64 is sold only with 64 bit systems to prevent people from trying to use it on systems that aren’t compliant. You might try NewEgg though. Check driver availability before you switch over. Just a warning. If you don’t like tinkering, don’t go there. It really is still in the development stages.

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