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May 25, 2004
Hello –

To avoid bad surprise(s) with one of our big packaging client, who don’t use Black (K) in his prints (offset, …).
I propose my colleagues to "create" a PSD profile that replace the Black (K) directly with a specific PMS (or with the values of this PMS).
Is that possible? I f yes how can I do that?

Previously we worked (since the creation) with Black (K), and at the step of the artwork we replaced the Black (K) by the PMS (as a .DCS2.0 file).
But as I said, I propose to simulate the PMS directly since the creation…

thanks for any advice(s), have a nice day…

– Dimitri <http://www.thebend.be/can2/>

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May 25, 2004
I have a concept of what you are talking about, but I don’t understand the question. If there is an answer in the question, you need to give it more answers.
May 25, 2004
Hello Mike –

Well yes and no, there is a answer…
I find it should be nice if we can "creat" a PSD(CS-8) profile, which don’t use anymore the default Black(K), but well a specifik Pantone (PMS).
You know we are also so much surprise (in the bad sense), when the photoengraver translate/change the Black with a PMS (in our case the P490CVC, we have to use this ref. by the client -> historic reason).
Therefore it could be great if we can anticipate the preview since the creation of the project… Waouww is it clear LOL?

but any suggestion(s) is welcome… Thanks…

– Dimitri
May 25, 2004
The only thing that I can think of is to use Profilemaker Pro with a multicolor profile, but the problem is that Photoshop won’t be able to read it.

You can create your own color table within Photoshop, and assign a different color designation for Black, but, it’s a very geeky solution and you need a VERY solid understanding of WTF you are doing.

DCS 2 is the closest thing that you are going to get.

Unfortunately, the preview for multichannel mode files, uses the Greyscale profile for all 4 channels, so spot colors, and process, are a gross approximation when in Multichannel mode.

CMYK mode plus spots?

CMYK profile. Spots will take on the Greyscale profile for the preview.

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May 25, 2004
Sorry Mike…

What do you mean with "CMYK mode plus spots AND CMYK profile"? So there is not really a "clean" PSD solution?
May 25, 2004
CMYK mode can display spot colors.


Spot colors, the preview, is controlled by the Greyscale profile in the color settings.

Clean solution?


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