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Oct 8, 2003
How do you determine the resolution of a picture you are working with or in my case using to learn from?
Sometimes the instructions say that the photo should be 100%, but when I do that while the picture enlarges using zoom it only shows one segment of it.
Finally, in playing with the sharpen and blur, instead of a circle, I only see for dots or small lines surrounding a small center square.

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Oct 8, 2003
resolution depends on what you will be doing with the image. For printing generally about 300 ppi, but for web use about 72 ppi will do.

When retouching an image it is often advisable to work at 100% and slowly work your way through the entire image. What you won’t see is what you won’t get WYWSIWYDG 😉 in print.

Elena Murphy
Oct 8, 2003
But to find out what the resolution of your image is, if that’s what you’re asking, select Image: Resize: Image Size OR click and hold on the status bar at the bottom of the image where the dimensions of the image are displayed. A popup will appear telling you the resolution.

With the Sharpen and Blur issue, you are seeing Precise Cursors. That happens when, either your Caps Lock key is down, the brush is too small to display the brush size as a circle, or your Preferences (Edit: Preferences: Display & Cursor) is set for Precise instead of Standard/Brush Size.
Oct 8, 2003
And,louis, don’t confuse the resolution of an image (72ppi, 300ppi, etc.) with the percentage of zoom. To check the resolution of an image go to Image>Resize>Image Size. It will be displayed in a box a little below the center of the screen.

Edit: Oops, Elena was posting while I was messing around. 🙂
Oct 8, 2003

The zoom factor and the resolution are entirely two different things.

Zoom only changes the appearance of the image on the monitor, it in no way changes the properties of the image. This allows you a closer look at the details, which is a must when making a selection for example. When you have the magnifying glass selected on the Tool Bar, have the box checked above which says "resize window to fit". Double clicking the Hand Tool in the Tool Box will provide 100% magnification, same as viewing actual pixels. Running Windows, pressing the Ctrl key and either the minus or plus keyboard key, will shrink or enlarge the viewing size. When zoomed in, holding the space bar down puts the Hand symbol on the image for the duration of space bar holding. Clicking and dragging with the mouse while Hand is displayed will move image around so you can view all parts of it. The size displayed on the monitor has no bearing on the printed size, that is dependent on the resolution of the image.

The resolution, which is a concern for printer not monitor, is the number of pixels that comprise the image and how large each pixel is. Your monitor only cares about how many pixels by how many pixels is the image. Resolution is merely assigned by you. Your printer will need to know what resolution you have assigned the image as this dictates the physical printed size you desire. Image>Resize>Image Size allows for assigning the Res. With the Resample box UNchecked, merely change the resolution by typing in a value between 200 and 300 ppi. The larger the value, the smaller the printed size.

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