Photoshop PDF Creation Mystery

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Aug 5, 2004
I am having difficulty with turning a PSD file into a PDF with certain characteristics.

I have a PDF file that I created about a year ago. When I open the file in either MS IE6 or Acrobat 6, it says the 1-pg file size is 8.5" x 11". There is about a 50 pixel margin all the way around the edge.

I have the source file for this PDF, it’s a Photoshop PSD file. It is, at 72 dpi about 15" x 20" and has no margin…the image goes up to a couple pixels of the edge somewhere along all four edges.

I needed to make a few tweeks to the image today, change some text and add some color to a couple of spots. I am now trying to generate a PDF that is of equal quality and approx. equal file size or less. I sized the image to be 140.5dpi and 1100pixel wide, same as the previous PDF. I then Saved As to PDF and selected Layers Off, JPEG Quality of 6 and I get a file size even smaller than before and looks just as good. Problem is, I can’t remember how to get a margin around the image.

When I view this new PDF in MS IE6 or Acrobat6, neither has a margin. Page size is shown as 7.9 x 10.5 or there-abouts. I have tried changing canvas size in PS to 8.5 x 11 but that changes the pixel size.

I have opened the previous PDF in PS and it shows the file image as 1100 pixels wide and 7.9" x 10.5" and no margin! So basically both PDFs (previous and new) look the same, sized the same, same pixel size, same " size, no margins in either. But when I open the previous up in in Acrobat or IE it shows a margin and says it’s 8.5 x 11…but the new says 7.9 x 10.5 and has no margin.

What gives??? How did I get a margin around it when viewed in IE or Acrobat and now can’t figure out what I did!!! Can anyone help??

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Aug 6, 2004
To get a margin when creating the PDF via Save As>PDF you would need to increase the canvas size.

By printing to PDF you could alter the media size in the distiller options
Aug 6, 2004
Thanks LenHewitt!
That is exactly what I think I did. I used Std settings during the Print… options and it came out even smaller than doing a Save As to PDF. It also doesn’t ask for JPG quality etc so I guess that’s all embedded in the Standard settings. I don’t understand why I had to reduce quality, DPI, not embed fonts, etc to get the file size down when doing a Save As PDF but using the Distiller it embeds fonts and comes out with a way smaller file size!! At any rate I got the margin I wanted without changing the image size, and file size reduced to boot! Thanks again!
Aug 6, 2004
You’re welcome, Bruce

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