How to perform Bulk (Batch) resize operation on digital camera pics

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Jul 6, 2004

I just bought a new digital camera and used it on my wonderful trip to NYC. I bought a Sony Memory Gate stick and took close to 200 pictures at 5.1 mega pixels in size. The pictures look great. HOWEVER, when I downloaded them to my computer and pull them up in PhotoShop 7.0 they ARE FIGGIN MASSIVE. Although I can manually resize them all to 4×6 size, it is going to take me a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong friggin time to do this for 200+ pictures.

Since all the pictures are exactly the same size, there has to be a way to resize all the pictures at once to the 4×6 size. My question is, how do I do a bulk (or batch) resize operation on ALL the pictures in my ImageTransfer folder (the folder the pictures get downloaded to)? The ‘Help’ guide speaks of a ‘File – Automate – Batch’ tool. I looked at it, but it looks too confusing. Is there an EASY way to do this? I assume there must be because this is a common problem more and more frequent with today’s HUGE memory stick sizes.


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