Photo on a textured surface

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Nov 6, 2005
My preference in this is a bit more complex than your thoughts and most people’s tendancies. Simply because a) I like to know more than one way to do something and b) you can control the affected area more directly without affecting areas around it.

Start with Three Layers:
Original Background/Textured Surface
Copy of Original Background/Textured Surface

Leave the original on the bottom, photo in between the original and copy. Adjust the layer mode for top layer to luminosity. Adjust the opacity to where you want it. If (as my instructions are guessing, which may not be true) you happen to have an area affected by the modification that you don’t WANT to be affected (Say you wanted to put a photo on the wall of a photo of a room, and apply the texture, etc.), you can use a layer mask on the top layer with the luminosity mode setting in order to ‘crop’ the effect.

Actually, I googled it and found out something regarding luminosity mode. Now the issue is how to adjust the opacity – it doesn’t seem that I have that option when I select the luminosity channel.



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