Need to reduce image’s file size

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Apr 16, 2004
I have a tif file that I need to reduce the file size of. It’s just a black & white image of a form for my company but the current size is 79 kb.
Now 79 kb doesn’t sound all that large but it’s being used in a piece of software that displays the form on screen for each and every customer of ours. So when you multiply 79 kb’s by hundreds of customers, obviously, it takes a LOOOONG time to load the form.

So anyway, is there any way to reduce the file size of a tif without losing too much of the quality? Even if it’s just 5-10 kb’s smaller, that would be much better than what we’re dealing with now. I’ve tried playing around with this tif in photoshop but the "index" layer is locked and I can’t select the "RGB" mode.
Any advice?

Thanks guys.


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Apr 16, 2004
jpeg. save for web. save as grey scale. 72dpi. are a few options for you.
Apr 16, 2004
LZW compression?

Is it in bitmap mode?

What is the current size (in pixels)?

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