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Apr 13, 2004
I have taken a portion of a photo and saved it as a New Adjustment Layer (Hue/Saturation). Can someone tell me in simple steps how to color this layer with a PMS Color?

I have been through the help on Photoshop and I can’t figure this one out. I am taking a class on color in a few weeks but I need to know this part now.


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Apr 13, 2004
You can’t do it through H/S it won’t give you Pantones–one way you could do this is to create a new Color layer adjustment, go to Custom when the color picker opens and choose your Pantone color. Then group the color layer using group with previous (hold down alt and select the area on the layers palette between the color layer and the photographic layer) and group the pantone color overlay with the layer below. This may have problems if you are planning to separate however.

You could also create a duotone. Go to Image>Mode>Greyscale and greyscale your photo, then Image>Mode>Duotone and the duotone color dialog box will open. Change the options from monotone to duotone in the dialog box and you will see 2 color squares open in the dialog box. Click in the colored squares to change the color from the defaults to the color of your choice through the picker (if you want Pantones choose Custom when the color picker opens.) Duotones will separate correctly for color printing.
Apr 13, 2004

If you wish to retain the Pantone reference (and NOT have it converted to CMYK values), then you MUST use a spot colour channel (or Duotone when that is appropriate for the content/intent)

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