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Jan 15, 2004
I’m working on Windows XP Pro with 2Gigs of memory and CS, four hard drives 76 Gigs ea. in two RAID 0 arrays.
Whenever I open Photoshop (with no files open or extra plug-ins) I get a tmp file of about 1.3 Gigs!. In order to bring this down I need to bring the PS memory usage down to 50%. If I bring it up to 51% or more, I get this huge tmp file, which shows up inside PS in the ‘scratch disk’ task bar.
For example, if I open the tiny "ducky" file that comes with PS, I get 1.22G/1.68G in the ‘scratch disk’ task bar. (I set PS to 100% memory usage), as I’ve always done with 7.0 and below with no problem; and I always work with only PS open and nothing else running in the background).
My OS and PS are installed on Drive C, the Windows paging file in Drive D and the PS scratch disk on Drive E.
Can anyone tell me what the problem might be, as this is driving me nuts!! Thanks, Dan

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Jan 15, 2004

Try doing a search on "tile size" and you’ll probably find some replies from Chris Cox that explain how PS CS works differently from earlier versions and does in fact create larger scratch disks. I don’t remember the details but what you’re seeing is normal for PS CS.



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