Merge layers difference in 7.0 and CS

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Jan 11, 2004
Hi, I just upgraded from 7.0 to CS, and I do a lot of small web graphics that have a flat finished product. In 7.0 you could merge to a completely flat image using the CTRL-E (on Mac command-E) shortcut, but in CS it only takes you down to Layer 1 and you have to scroll over in the layers pallete to flatten the image properly. Is there a way to change this? When you are making a lot of small web buttons or some such thing it begins to bog you down, particularly if you were used to a better system. :/

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Jan 11, 2004
Hmmmm, well I just tried the ctrl-e (merge down) method (in CS) and it went right down to the Background layer, so I’m not sure what’s wrong there, but regardless of that, why don’t you just set up a keyboard shortcut for ‘Flatten Image’. It’s quicker and simplier if you have MANY layers.

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