Merge 2d to 3d Layer issues

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Jan 28, 2009
I’m trying to merge text from a 2D layer down to a 3D layer. When I do, the text becomes the color of the diffuse layers color. The text becomes distorted and ugly.

I have also duplicated the same effect in the simplest form. Using a donut / sphere / cone / 3D object from New Shape from Layer.

I’ve tried .ai .psd objects which all seem to merge into the color of the selected diffuse color for the material being merged into.
I’ve even tried the bump setting to see if it would stamp the object shape.

All I want to end up with for this particular project is something similar to the demo found <> where I can simply slap a ‘decal’ onto a 3D object and then animate that object.

Foot note which may help. When trying to paint directly on the 3D objects, the selected color is diffused to match the material color.
For example: material has a self-illumination of Red and a Diffuse of light Gray. Brush is set to Black. Painted color stroke comes out as Red.

I just wanna do the video demo…???????????

Thank you.

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Jan 28, 2009
Self-Illumination far outweighs any diffuse shading in intensity, so that behavior qualifies as normal. Are you perhaps using any blending modes for the layers? If set against grey, several of them will have no result at all, as medium grey is neutral and in some channels has no influence on the shading. and for the distortions: Check the UV layout of the mesh! Some projection types are simply distorted since they follow the flow of the geometry. You will have to get used to that.


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