Resizing a Pic to biger DPI for PRINT

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Nov 7, 2003
Yes i done this a long long time ago like 6-8 years ago.

I took a picture and now its in photoshop its currently X x X and 72 dpi. I know if i resize it down the DPI will go up. But my problem is that once i make the picture 14×11 inches the dpi is too low for print. Can i make the original picture like 200 dpi before reducung it, then resize it small then it will make the dpi much higher… Or will this not look right when i print it out now….

As i know i did this long ago but for got how to and it was like photoshop 3…
Nov 7, 2003
For printing you need an image of at least 200 ppi. 300 is ideal. If you want to make a 14×11, you need a minimum of 2800×2200 pixels. If your image isn’t that big, your only choice is to upsample, which probably won’t give you great results. Photoshop does not have any magic tool to create pixel data out of nothing. When you upsample, it just takes the existing pixel data and spreads it out. You can resharpen the result and improve it a little, but you are unlikely to be satisfied with the result. If you do decide to resample, most people here recommend that you do it in several steps, maybe 10% at a time. Whatever you do, make a copy of your original and make sure it is safely stored away, so that you don’t overwrite it in your attempts. That way, you can always get back to it and start over if you don’t like the result.
Nov 7, 2003
While I go along with everything Bert said, I would like to comment that the quality of the print is going to be very variable depending upon what the image actually is. Some images [particular more abstract ones] can make nice prints after drastic upsampling or being printed at low PPI values. You have very little to lose by experimenting. Like with many things in life, a key to success with digital imaging is understanding the rules [like the min PPI values] so that you know when to consider breaking them.

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