Server Installation

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Dec 21, 2008

Is it possible to install on a server and use from a connected PC?

I use Master Collection CS4. For the most part everything is OK on my PC but it would be nice to let the dual Xeons of the server have a go at some photoshop files and AVCHD on Premier Pro.

Ubuntu 64-bit is the preferred OS but I could dual boot Windows Server STD.2008 64-bit if necessary. I would be the only user o

The need to use the Server’s grunt is not consistent just occasional. My PC is convenient. Another mechanism may be to be able to palm off some of the heavier duty rendering processing to the Server from time to time. So that is a second question, is it reasonably possible to send segments of the work out to be processed by the server?

I can’t see anything on either around so would be glad of direction.


PS. I cant stick it on the server and on the laptop as the laptop is’nt as powerful as the PC even though that would be legal

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