How to View by Collection AND Tag – Newbie Needs Good Documentation

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Mar 20, 2008
I am a self-study student trying to decide whether upgrading to Elements (or better) is worth it. I am comparing Adobe and Microsoft products.

In Album Starter 3.2, all I want to do is one simple task: View pictures by Collection AND category. (I’ve been looking for help for over an hour – aaaagh!)

1. For ex., I have a collection called Abstract. I also use color tags. I’d like to view only the photos in the Abstract collection that are Pink.
Is this possible?

ALSO before I buy any product I have to be convinced that the value I’ll receive is worth the price.

2. Can I view the documentation of the Adobe software package before I purchase it?
3. Do the Adobe products have software documentation help that doesn’t require going online? I’m looking for help files similar to those provided on Word, Excel, etc. 3a. Do they exist?
4. Is there a list of specific Features/Benefits that compares the different versions of Adobe? (I have looked on the product sales sites and what I found was far too general.)

Thank you so much for your time. I think this software might be what I’m looking for BUT since I don’t take classes, good documentation is something I can’t live without. It’d be great if you could add a "newbie section on your website. I think more "newbies" like me would either buy or become "devoted users" if they knew what they could do. Thanks again!

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Mar 21, 2008
There is a site on that has online video of various training sessions of using the products. Most clips are 2-3 min. Look for video workshop. If you have Vista Advanced Find (shortcut windows key and F) works good for sorting.
Mar 21, 2008
Yuo have posted in the wrong forum .

Elements is here:


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