Voice Recognition and PS – revisited

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Jan 2, 2008
Earlier in 2007 (Around March) there was a thread about using Voice recognition (It specifically mentioned Dragon Naturally Speaking) with Photoshop.

During that time, I had made a few commands (I have Dragon Naturally Speaking Pro version), and played around with it. It did work.

Recently, I have started to really use PS (CS3) so I cranked up Dragon again and really got serious about making commands. One form of command is called Step-By-Step. This is just a simple way of entering one line commands. Many, repeat many of PS functions are started off with key board short cuts. This equates very easily into the Step-By-Step Dragon capability.

In short, I made up some 58 commands (most of them Step-By-Step but a few Advance Scripting). Commands like Wand, History, Back, Eraser, Clone Save
Save As, Layers, Paste etc. etc etc are a snap with the Dragon. Each command only took 15 or 30 seconds to create.

Best of all, when you start up PS and Dragon and speak the commands, they are Rock Solid. In short, it worked like a charm! I could now concentrate on what I was doing without taking my eyes off the picture to move it to an icon to click, or to type a short cut.

In fact, at first, I would speak a command and then look to see if the icon or whatever had been activated. When you get confident that they are working, you begin to blend in with the work flow and don’t think about the details of switching functions.

I should add that the command language used to be present in only the Pro version of Dragon which is quite expensive. However the less expensive version is Dragon Preferred. And there is an add on product that allows you to create and use commands in the Preferred edition. The cost of the add on product is far less than buying the Dragon Pro version.

Is it worth the time and effort to create commands and utilize them with Photoshop? Absolutely! The savings in time and the increase of efficiency definitely make it worth while to try this approach.

Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts hoping that it might help somebody if they already have voice recognition software or are thinking about getting it and combining it with Photoshop to improve their work flow.


PS. And did I dictate this message using Dragon? Yes I did.
Jan 2, 2008
Good to know.

(Message created by pressing buttons on a keypad).
Jan 2, 2008
At least the keyboard post is shorter!

(Just kidding Bob.)

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