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Jun 18, 2007
Hello, If I may, this seems to be the right place to ask this. I have five images, layered each one on top of the other from jpeg image, the psd file has the transparent background, then the image of the person, and text. When I animate them in image ready, with a frame rate of 2.0 seconds or up to 5.0 seconds. Save as optimized for the the web as a gif image-Everything is fine, until I load it up to a webpge. There will be a "spray" of purple on two of the five shots. Now, I have read that gif images can loose their quality, is there any way to improve on this "spray" effect??

Also, I’ve seen some really cool things with the gif images changing, and there will be colors that go with the frame changes, I just learned about gif images and would like to increase this skill of tricks I can do. I have Photoshop cs2, using windows xp home edition computer (if that helps??)

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