Brush bug in CS2 – Cannot fade dodge & burn

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Jun 12, 2007
I have a problem in CS2 when I use a tool with a brush (dodge, burn, saturate). I use the tool to paint an area, but as soon as I’m done, it decides to paint one more spot quickly – so my history shows two actions, rather than one. The problem is that when I fade the last action, it fades the little spot, and not the action I intended.
I hope that makes sense. Any help would be great!

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Jun 13, 2007
Hi Mark,
Have you tried to fade your strokes with the History Brush?

– Activate the History Brush Tool
– In the Options bar, reduce stroke opacity
– In the History palette, select a history state (prior to painting) – Paint over the strokes

(See flash movie on the History Brush < f.htm>)
Jun 14, 2007
Yes, thanks. I do know how to use the History Brush, but I actually have the same problem with that.

I use the fade button extensively, which is why this is a problem for me. I use a brush command to dodge & burn, etc, and usually go a bit farther than I need. Then I hit the fade button to roll it back to the desired amount. This gives me a good perspective of the full sweep between 0-100%.

Thanks again for any more help.
Jun 15, 2007
Mark, this sounds more like your cursor is sticking. It can do that, if the internal contacts are dirty.

If you’re using a trackball, I’d suggest you give it a good cleaning, inside and out. Remove the ball and clean it with a soft cloth and alcohol. Now clean the internal contacts, making sure the lint build-up is brushed away from the three contact points, where the ball bearings meet the ball. Be very careful here, as the tiny bearing can fall free and get lost. I have no idea how to clean a mouse. Barring that, try re-setting your tools.

From the upper tool bar, the icon on the furthermost left side, right click on the down arrow. This will open two options. One resets just the tool you’re using, the other will reset all your tools. Try the latter.

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