How to whiten teeth

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Aug 16, 2004
Please give details on how to whiten teeth on a photograph. Thanks
Aug 16, 2004
there are plenty of ways; here’s one simple one…zoom in to the teeth and with appropriate size soft brush use the dodge tool. ‘Highlight’ mode..( settings just above screen after clicking on that tool)You’ll probably have to lower the ‘exposure’ a bit.
Aug 16, 2004
Like many things, it’s easiest to select the teeth area and work with it on a layer. You can certainly dodge, but a bit of colour work can also help. Enhance, Adjust Color, and Hue/Saturation will allow you to desaturate a bit. You can also try the Color Variations, choosing a small amount of intensity and perhaps adding blue. Experiment for the best look for the individual photo.
Aug 16, 2004
With the Dodge tool (msg #1) if the Highlight mode gives too bright a result try using the Dodge tool defaults of Midtones and 50% exposure.

With the desaturation method (msg #2) you might want to select ‘yellows’ from the pull-down menu before lowering the saturation.

Here is another method from Mikkel Aaland’s book "PSE2 Solutions":
1. Use the Eyedropper tool to select the lightest portion of the teeth.
2. Click the foreground color swatch in the toolbar. This opens the Color Picker. Select a color lighter than the sampled color.
3. Select the Paintbrush tool with a soft brush.
Set the Mode to Lighten and Opacity to 15-20%.
4. Paint over the teeth until you get the effect you want.

With all methods it is best to first select the teeth using the Lasso tool and feather the selection a bit (1 – 2 pixels for low-res photos, 3 – 5 for high-res).
Aug 16, 2004
Here I go with my Hue/Sat Adjustment layers again. Create a Hue/Sat layer over your photo. Select YELLOWS in dialog box. Pick a real colorful color like green. Click okay, fill Hue/Sat mask with black. Use a soft brush with white paint and paint your teeth in. Yes, they’ll be a sight. After you’ve finished painting, click on the Hue/Sat dialog again. Move the hue slide back to it’s original location in the middle. Next just decrease saturation and increase lightness to taste. By the way, make sure you are using the YELLOW option in the dialog box not the master.

Aug 16, 2004
I’ve used a method that’s perhaps a little more involved, but very flexible and gives excellent results. I create another layer, make it an overlay layer and fill it with 50% gray. Then I used the dodge tool with an appropriately sized brush and a very light exposure to lighten the teeth, whites of eyes, and highlights in the hair, etc. The burn tool can be used similarly to add shadow dimension.
Aug 18, 2004
There are some good new toothpastes out there also…

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