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Jul 15, 2004
I’m a new user… Nothing Happens when I click on "Tutorial" under the Help Function Button Bar. The same thing happens for "Glossary". I haven’t tries to do a re install because the software is packed away somewhere. Anyone have suggestions? Is there an on-line tutorial? I want to know what all PE 2.0 can do.

I love this forum. It’s my first time on and I’ve spent the last hour reviewing other questions. Very cool.

Thanks much – Carla

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Jul 15, 2004
Hi, Carla.

When you choose Help, make sure you are still in the Contents. Don’t go to the T for Tutorial, cause you’re right. Nothing happens.

But when you first get into the HELP, scroll down to the bottom left and you’ll see Photoshop Tutorials. Click on it, and on the right hand side, you’ll see the names of the different tutorials you can use. Click on one and you’ll get that tutorial.

(When you direct it to the file, make sure your radio key is set to ALL Files, or you’ll think it isn’t there — I know, I did that.)

Hope this helps,

Jul 15, 2004
There are many, many tutorials for Elements. I’ll mention just two websites: and You’ll have to click around a bit to get to the Elements tutorials at each website. You can locate hundreds if not thousands of tutorials by searching google (or your search engine of choice). I just tried searching "photoshop elements" tutorial, and I got 54,100 hits! The first two to come up were the two I mentioned above. I hope this is helpful. As you’ve already discovered, I think, people on this forum are genuinely interested in helping with specific questions. So try us again with any questions you might have.

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