Cant open file: file not compatible

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Steven Lazar
Jul 31, 2003
Our marketing department is using WinXP. With Photoshop 6. Our one employee created a PSD document.
Then saved it on network. Then had another employee try and open it, got this message: Could not open "G:\Steve\2003 expo\ADC ad4.psd" because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop.

First off, we all have ver6. Secondly, I tried all kinds of stuff: taking it off network, rename, change attributes,
psicon.dll, preferecnces.

I cannot find anything on the Adobe sites anywhere, including u-u f.

I dont know?


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dave milbut
Jul 31, 2003
put it on a web server somewhere so we can dl it and tell you if the file is toast or if it might be something on your end.
dennis johnson
Jul 31, 2003
There are problems with saving directly from Photoshop onto a network. Best practice is to save your file locally out of Photoshop, then copy the file onto the network.

The same is true for opening files – copy them to your local machine first, then edit them in Photoshop.

I suspect this may be the source of your problem, from your description of your procedure.
Steven Lazar
Aug 1, 2003
I figure its just toast/corrupted somehow.
Files corrupted in Windows, Never! (yea right).

I dont like saving on the network either.
I work on my PC, then after completing, if someone needs it, it goes on the network. But, everyone in the department saves to the network. And we rarely have any problems, and nothing like this.

I looked at all extension issues, nothin.
She’s just going to recreate it from scratch.

Im still curious though, WHy?


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