Imageready: Naming a slice for different layers?

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Apr 20, 2004
Hi –

Not sure how to phrase this exactly.. sorry…

For example, I have a title graphic in one (photoshop/imageready) layer that says "Contact Us" – on the next layer down, it says "About Us"… etc.

The area of these title graphics is inside the same slice.

When the imageready file is brought into GoLive, the graphics are named things like "ER-page-infotopics_12.jpg" – but I’d like to be able to name them all, so that when I get to the appropriate page, I know, in GoLive, to make that graphic "About_Us.jpg"…

Ecchh.. I don’t know how to explain this clearly! Ok – here’s the slice in question:


And basically, in Photoshop, in the same place, are other titles for other pages, but I don’t want to have to re-generate each separate page, and all its associated slices (the remainder of which are identical) if I don’t have to.

Sorry this is so wishy-washy.


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