Free PVP or Game Console or Digital CAMERA (easy to get, helpful for those lacking a digicam)

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Nov 2, 2004

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of the whole Free iPods ordeal. Well, there is another site similar to that one called Currently, they offer three different referral programs, one for a free game console (Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube,) one for a free PVP (personal video player,) and one for a free digital camera.

The game console is easiest to do, it only takes three referrals. Just sign up here:

Then complete an offer. They currently have: Real Arcade, Forbes Magazine, NY Times, USA Today, Juno Internet, Keep Media, and Net Zero.

Real Arcade is easy to do, and it’s a cool service. It is also easy to cancel if you are only interested in recieving credit. The USA Today, Forbes, and NY Times are also very good offers because you can get something useful and at the same time be one step closer to getting a free Xbox or other console.

The PVP one takes eight referrals. Just sign up here:

The same offers as above are offered for the PVP program.

The cool thing about both sites, if you don’t want a PVP, or a game console, you can get a Web Certificate (basically an online gift card) for the same value as the product, i.e. a console would be about $160 and a PVP anywhere from $400 to $600 dollars.

Prizecube also offers a third site, which I have yet to join, but it can be found here:

This works the same as the others, and only requires four referrals.

Think this is a scam?? 551a7957da66e8d39203e7097f47ff

So go and sign up now!! Free stuff is for real, and Prizecube is still fresh so sign up now while you can get a ton of referrals easily!

Thanks for the time!

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