Lightroom – platform migration

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May 7, 2007

my mac came in on the weekend, so im migrating from XP. cool.

when it comes to LR, moving the database is simple enough, as is copying my images. just one problem — in the db LR remembers my images’ previous path, "D:\etc.." which of course isnt going to work on the mac.

i see that for a missing image one can re-locate the image, but i wonder if there is a way to do this for 3,000 all at once?

let me know if you know, and ill post here what i discover.

May 8, 2007
ok, heres what i found..

a couple people recommended using the UI to relocate one of the missing images, and that the app should take care of the rest. this didnt work for me. not sure why.

I ended up going back to the win machine, exporting all the XMP metadata to the file system, copying those images & sidecars to a USB disk, pluggin that into the mac, creating a new library, and importing those images (while converting to DNG).

this worked, but after the fact i realized it mimicked the directory structure of the USB drive — so since my images were in a "/temp/ pics/" folder, on the mac they were placed to: "/pics/temp/pics/"… when really i just wanted to plop them into my mac’s "/pics" folder.

so i guess ill have another shot at testing the relocate functionality..


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