Wood frames and mattes

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Aug 3, 2004
I used to have a couple sets of actions that created a very wide variety of realistic-looking wood frames and mattes. These actions allowed the selection of the type of wood and the number and color of the matte(s). The results were truly remarkable especially considering they were free!

In the process of upgrading my PC for video capture, I have lost the actions and would love to have them back. I’m sure I have them backed up on a CD, but I still can’t find it.

I remember surfing the web and being told on one site to try another for the very best action. They are similar to:




I’m wondering if the version 1.6 of the one isn’t an updated version of the ones I’m trying to replace, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know about the ones I am looking for? If not, do you folk know of a similar set of freebie actions that do the same thing?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Tom Ireland

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