Anyone familiar with 19-inch NEC/MITSUBISHI DP930SB monitor?

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May 14, 2004
Hello all,

I’ve been browsing New Egg tonight and see they’ve got the subject monitor priced at $279. My 6-year old Iiyama VisionMaster 450 is exhibiting some ghosting of the text and while I may yet explore having it serviced, a price like this for what I presume should be a good 19-inch monitor is very tempting. This would be a change from a shadow mask to Diamondtron tube, the latter seemingly getting high marks from comments I’ve seen here in the past. I’ve been very happy with my Iiyama but wonder if any of you have experience with this particular NEC/Mitsu monitor? Heck, at $279, I could buy 2 of them for the price of a single 22-inch monitor, which makes that option also rather exciting…I can’t imagine any reason a 22-inch monitor would be better than 2 19-inchers if one has the space for them…I may. An LCD monitor as a secondary monitor is also very appealing, but again at this price, the CRT would be a superior picture.

I appreciate any comments.

May 14, 2004
Daryl I have a NEC Multisync FE991sb 19 inch that I’ve had about a year. I also have a 17 inch of the same series. I like them. They are easy on the eyes, seem to stay calibrated and using printer profiles from Andrew Rodney and Ian Lyons, I get beautiful prints that match what I see on the screen. I realize that’s a good printer profile rather than monitor quality but I thought I’d mention it. I have a feeling that my monitors are less expensive models than the ones you are looking at but they are Diamondtrons. I’m happy with them.

Hope that helps.

May 14, 2004
Thanks for the feedback Sharon. I tend to suspect than a Diamondtron is a Diamondtron…that is, perhaps regardless of monitor model, those tubes are pretty consistent. At what seems such a low price though, it still helps to research other users experiences. That’s less than half what my monitor cost in ’98, and it is a shadow mask tube, which is generally less expensive. I guess costs have just really come down over the years, even with CRTs.


May 17, 2004
Daryl–I have had an NECFE970 for about 5 years…It stays calibrated, gives me great matches to both an Epson 900 and a 2200 stylus Printer, and has never given me a moment’s trouble. I would definitely buy another one (and if they are that cheap on newegg I may replace the 15 inch second monitor!!)

The only thing I wish they would add is a color calibrator like the Sony Artisan.
May 18, 2004

I recently purchased the DiamondPro 930SB and have been quite satisfied with it. It is an aperature-grill screen and some people see a line near the top of the screen but I have never noticed it. This is apparently normal with all aperature grill screens.

The reason I went with the 930SB (19") was the NEC-Mitsubishi name, a Top Buy rating from PC World, and good screen refresh rates at high resolutions. I recommend it … especially for the price you’ve found. I paid about $100 more for mine (including shipping).


P.S. You can download an ICM profile (MDPR930) from their website. For some reason, it is not included with the monitor.
May 19, 2004
Christine and Jake,

Thanks for your comments…I thought this should be a good monitor, and the price just really surprised me. Fortunately, a problem with my Iiyama monitor (slight ghosting or blooming around text) seems to have been related to a focus issue. All it took was to remove the case back and carefully adjust the two focus pots to improve the appearance. The text isn’t as crisp as some monitors, but the graphics and color are excellent. I’ll stick with it a while I guess before I rush to buy another monitor….I’m anxious to learn what is in store for us next year.



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