Eizo ColorEdge Monitors?

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Jan 15, 2004
Hi all,

While the Eizo ColorEdge flat-panel monitors are out of my price range, I’ve nonetheless been browsing to see what high-end flat panel monitors are priced at that offer good color calibration controls. The Eizo monitors sound great, but I was surprised to see their reponse times being quoted at 40-50ms compared to less expensive monitors with 20-25ms specs. I understand that the sluggish response of motion video images on flat-panel screens is due, at least in part, to what has been the typically slow response times in the past. Seeing that the Eizos are quite high in price yet with a poorer response time than cheaper flat panels that lack good color calibration options, I wonder if this might be a trade-off in features? Does anyone know? Or might it be that Eizo is conservative in their specs and that their flat panels still readily display smooth motion video? As a comparison, a Formac flat panel monitor of similar size is quoted with a faster response time and is significantly less expensive, leaving me to wonder if it is actually a better monitor overall than the Eizo. I’ve read good reviews of both, but what I read about the Eizo leads me to beleive it may still be the better monitor with respect to color accuracy and calibration.

Yes, I’m dreaming at the moment…of a new system with a nice, large flat-panel monitor that is color-accurate. 🙂



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Jan 15, 2004
Not very many people have bought Eizo monitors yet for the same reason you haven’t: they are new and expensive. The demos look good.
Jan 16, 2004
Ahhh…I didn’t know that the Eizo monitors were so new Phil. Thanks.

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