how do I create a template in ps 7.0

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Apr 15, 2005
I am trying to create a specific template so that I don’t have to repeat the same work process in other photos. Is there a way to create a photo template in ps 7.0? Is this feature only exclusive to cs & cs2 version?

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Craig Flory
Apr 15, 2005
It’s fairly easy to do depending on how fancy you want to go. Open an image and double
click the thumbnail in the layers palette. (or make a new canvas)Now use either the rectangular
or eliptical marquee tool and make an opening. Next click the background layer. Click Delete
on your keyboard and you have your opening. Now repeat with another opening ..If you want
to have a color around the opening it is a bit more work. Before you draw the opening, make
a new transparent layer above the background layer. Now draw the opening with a marquee
toll. Next click delete. Then click Select > Modify > Border . Type in an amount like 24 pixels.
Then click Edit > Fill > Foreground color. It doesn’t matter what color. Now click on a style.
Now the border around the opening is that style. Repeat above steps for other openings.
You can get much more involved but this should get you started. Good Luck;
Craig Flory //
Craig Flory
Apr 16, 2005
I have not seen if my suggestions worked for you ok ???

Craig Flory

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