Screen image does not match even after Adobe Gamma…

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Oct 15, 2003
I have a new computer and monitor at work and I am trying to get my image in Photoshop 7 to match my printout. I am using Windows Xp operating system on a HP computer and monitor. I have run an Adobe Gamma and for the most part the color is now fairly accurate but the density and contrast are WAY off. My image on screen is way too dark and way too low contrast. I have no more adjustment left for contrast on the monitor’s internal settings so I need to actually change my view in Photoshop to reflect my actual printout (we are printing to an Agfa d-lab). The image is properly adjusted in all our other workstations, but I really need help to get my station correct since I am the final step before printing.
I have the capability of matching the printout by increasing the contrast and the brightness within Photoshop, but of course that then effects my print. Can I change the screen image only somehow?

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Oct 15, 2003
Assuming you are using a CRT monitor with Adobe Gamma, try Ian Lyon’s site for a step by step detail:

Oct 15, 2003

Much as Gary’s comment implies, I’m curious if you’re using an LCD monitor? If so, that may well be the source of your problem since Adobe Gamma isn’t designed for LCD monitor calibration. With the exception of some higher-end LCD monitors perhaps, my understanding is that few LCDs can be accurately calibrated. That notwithstanding, I’ll suggest that another option possibly available to you would be any color adjustment tools offer via your graphics chipset driver. You may need to dig down through various pages of the Display Properties to find such tools, if any exist. Even if they do exist, they may not be of any real use. For example, on an old IBM monitor that was wearing out here at work, I thought I might be able to tweak the brightness beyond what the monitor’s controls provided, by using the Intel Graphics Controller Properties on the PC. As it turned out, even minute changes were pretty extreme and I was never able to obtain any useful improvements. Maybe you’d have better luck. Now, while not to suggest your color adjustment options would be so deeply buried, I had to go through the following sequence of tabs and buttons to get to that Intel Graphics Controller Properties dialog: Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Intel Graphics Technology > Graphics Properties > Color. I point this out so you don’t give up too easily in locating such adjustments, although it is possible you may well have none.



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