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Oct 7, 2003

have a picture (a map of France), and i want to create a shadow (little shadows) around the border of the map.

how can i do that?

thank you by advance
stephane vander clock

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Oct 7, 2003
The method which I would use would be to make a careful selection of the land area using Quick Mask (unless it is a single colour – in which case just use the Magic Wand). Once you have it selected, hit Ctrl+J to copy the selection to a new layer and then create your drop shadow (hit the fX icon at the bottom of the layers palette and choose ‘Drop Shadow’ from the fly out menu).

(Posted from the UK)
Oct 7, 2003
Little shadows around the border of the map? I’m not quite sure the effect you’re trying to achieve but I’m picturing more of a vignette look by his/her description.

If you’re just looking for a darkening around the perimeter of the entire image, I’d select the entire image, contract the selection, invert the selection, switch to quickmask and apply a Gaussian blur as desired, switch back and apply a layer mask of that selection. Then I’d probably fill an underlying area with black. Or, take said selection, create a new layer, and fill with black and adjust opacity as desired. Hm…ok come to think of it there are a million ways to do this if you want what I think you want. There might even be an action to do this (like Vignette) but I don’t really play with the actions aside from creating new ones so I’m not sure about that. Anyone else?

Edit* upon rereading the question, Carol is probably right. I’m still not sure what you’re looking for, Stephane.

Oct 9, 2003
thank a lot for your help …
Oct 9, 2003

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