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Sep 26, 2008
I read on Photoshop Help that custom brush presets are stored in a preferences file within the Documents and Settings folder. I had a few custom brush presets that I’d built up over a few years in CS2 on a computer (with 2 harddrives) that died 2 weeks ago. The data on the two harddrives were succesfully transferred to a new computer (in a folder called "Old Drive" which still contains all the CS2 settings). To recover those custom brush presets can I just copy the "Brushes.psp" file from the old Settings folder to the new CS2 Settings folder (which does not currently have a Brushes.psp file because I haven’t made any new brushes yet)?

For that matter can I copy and paste all the individual old settings (Actions Palette, Contours, Favorites,Patterns, Color Settings, Custom Shapes,New Doc Sizes, PluginCache, and Styles) into the new to recover what I had before? What am I likely to mess up by doing that? Could I just copy and paste the old folder "Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings" into the new folder?

Randy Mohr
Sep 27, 2008
I think it would work, but to make sure I would make a copy of the existing psp file and stash it somewhere.

And be sure to Save the brushes, etc, when all is restored. You can do that from the Brushes palette for instance, or Preset Manager.
Sep 29, 2008
Thanks, Ed! It did work to copy and paste the old settings into the newer Settings folder to replace the Brushes, Actions etc. I have all my old custom brushes back!


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