File size and filter usage

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Sep 14, 2003
I’m having a problem applying blur and USM filters to large files. After applying the filter, the image has several equidistant horizontal bands, several pixels wide. The bands contain image content from the top of the image. Also, the RGB chart is all black on the levels window. Each of the three single level’s channels displays a chart and the levels tool works fine, otherwise.

Here are some specifics about my environment. PS7. 16-bit images up to 1.14G work, above that size give banding. I have a P4 3.2 with 4G ram, 2G reserved for PS7 (what Windows XP allows). Allocated anywhere from 70 to 100% of available ram with similar results. With 100% allocated to PS, there is 1.69G reported for scratch before going to disk. Previous posts indicate these filters need store the complete image in ram, which seems possible with an image of for example, 1.2G.

Thanks for any insight you might provide.


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