CS2 converting EPS files to JPEG at 300dpi problem

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Dec 6, 2007
Hi everyone!

So my situation is this…
I have a few hundred high quality eps files, that I need to convert into high quality jpeg files. When I run these eps files though the image processor, setting it to save in same location, save as jpeg quality 12, with no actions, it loads the files, and saves them all at very low quality.

What I believe is happening, is that photoshop is rasterizing the eps file at a low dpi, then saving that low quality rasterization as a high quality way, giving it a massive quality loss.

My first thought about how to solve this, was to check in the "open first image to apply settings" box. This allows me to load the first file, and set the import resolution to 300dpi. The result of this, is that the first file saves beautifully, at high quality without any problems, but for images 2 through whatever hundred or so, it goes back to saving at low quality!

Anyone know a good solution to this problem?

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