Batch identify color tiff images and convert to jpeg

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May 22, 2007
I am using Photoshop 8.0. Have not update my version of Photoshop but need to know if any one can help with this current problem I am having. I work for a imaging vendor in the legal document processing industry and we mostly work with tif images. The tiff images are linked to a litigation support database. However, the images in color do not work with the software if they are color tiffs. Therefore, they need to be converted to color jpeg.

Is there a way that a automation process using actions can go through a cd or dvd’s directories and subdirectories full of images and identify what is a color tiff, then convert the images to a jpeg while saving with the same file name.

This is a tedious and manual process ot accomplish this and I am not that savy with photoshop.

Any help is greatly appreciated and I can be contacted at 305 539-0042 directly.

Thanks to all the users. This is my first post on the forum.


Humberto Morchano

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May 22, 2007
It could probably be done with a script.

Check the PS scripting forum out for more info

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