Automate-Picture Package: sizes do not print properly..Please Help!

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Oct 8, 2005
When I scan I rarely get the actual size I wanted. It is usually a fraction of an inch off. I assume you are scanning from Photoshop using Automate > Import ? If so, when the image shows up on the screen in Photoshop …look at Image > Image Size and make sure it’s actually the size you wanted.

D. Craig Flory

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Cory McNutt
Oct 8, 2005
Hi Craig…no, I’ve never scanned into PS that way. It is an HP scanner so their software opens up and scans the photo and asks you where you want it stored. I store it in a folder where I use the Bridge to open it up in PS. I will have to check the settings in the HP software to see if there is anything "off" there. I will also check the Image>Image Size to see what it says. The 8×10 printed fine without going through the picture package, but I wanted 5×7 and 3.5X2.5 also and BOTH of them come up 1" too short! Thanks for your reply.

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