CS2 Full Screen mode and Windows XP Classic appearance problem

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May 9, 2005
Ok, let’s see if I can explain this one:

I use Windows XP Classic appearance and it is the Maple theme or Marine.

(That is under Display Properties > Appearance tab, Windows Classic Style, Color theme Maple)

I then load a picture into PSCS2, go to Full Screen Mode w/o menus, press Tab to clear Toolbox and palettes.

There is a noticable line running along the bottom of my lcd screen and along the right hand side. No other program and that includes Bridge in slide show mode, does this.

I was able to fix it when I noticed the Standard Windows color theme did not cause this problem. I found that the Scroll bar for Maple was set to 13
(under the Advanced button of the Appearance dialog box)and I set this figure to 16.

Full Screen mode acts as expected, total dark surround screen.

Anyone else experience this?

Toshiba laptop, screen res 1280 x 800, 60 Hz referesh. 64 MB shared memory for video, ATI 9000 Mobility Radeon, latest drivers.

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