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Aug 16, 2004
More of a feature request, but I figure the topic might gain better visibility here…

I’ve ranted long enough about activation and reactivation, even posing at least one idea of how Adobe might try and address the issue to some extent by providing registered users with a patch that disables the license manager. Well, another thought comes to mind which doesn’t thwart activation at all, yet might possibly provide a solution that also addresses the needs of remote users who have no ready phone/internet access.

Namely, what we need is what I’ll call the Activation State Recovery Tool (ASRT). Going on the assumption that most of the reactivation-related problems are related to what appears to be some sort of time synchronization of the activation hashes, a tool needs to be provided that captures all related hashes into a recovery file for future use as needed. Then, when and if the user is prompted to reactivate PS CS in spite of having made no hardware changes to their system, they can launch the ASRT to replace all current activation hashes with those from the recovery file. Since creation of the recovery file would require that activation has already been performed, then the goal of activation has been achieved. The process is already in place where the license manager writes activation hashes to the boot sector, registry, and a 3rd location (the Safecast DAT files??), so it seems it should be relatively simple for Adobe to take the same process and create a stand-alone tool that works in a similar fashion to write/read a recovery file.

Is this feasible?


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Aug 18, 2004
Bob or Len,

Could one of you please move this post to the Features Request area. I think the idea has merit but felt it might garner more attention and comments on feasibility to post it in the main forum area. Seeing how it is quickly moving down the list with no comments made, perhaps the F.R. area is where it might do the most good.



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